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Conor Rogers is an award winning Sheffield-based artist and graduate of Sheffield Hallam University. At the heart of his practice is storytelling. It is manifested using a visual, poetic, and symbolic language translated through painted, sculpted, and poetic depictions from everyday life. Conor uses this as a means of navigating through time and place combined with a critical approach towards painting as an object.

Although Conor Rogers’ works have a familiar subject matter – the landscapes he experiences every day – he intends that they go beyond the illusion of what he sees to become both object and image at the same time. In combining image and object Conor endeavours to convey the intense reality of life in Britain.

The artworks are by-products of deep personal connections made with lived experiences, memories, conversations and explore social commentary, cultural identities, class dynamics, stereotypes, and our sense of self in Britain. On the one hand Conor Rogers’ works are hyper-ordinary, but at the same time, extraordinary. The ordinary – the quotidian, or even abject – is turned into something precious, even jewel-like, through hours of time and labour.

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Featured image: Home, 2020, acrylic on nylon British flag.
Image 1: Harriet, 2021, acrylic on paddling pool.
Image 2: Frazzled, 2021, acrylic on crisp packet.
Image 3: 2021, acrylic on baggie.

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