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Anisa Nuh-Ali (born 1994, Sweden) is a Somali conceptual artist, researcher and documenter who works in a wide variety of media, from painting, installation, film, sculpture and photography to sound and moving image.

She is interested in Black liberation, Black feminist theory and post-colonialism. Her research reaches, examines and comments on Black athleticism, culture, aesthetics and politics, primarily working within the fields of installations creating sculptural readymades. She interrogates and explores the intersections of race, gender, religion and class, as her practice is intrinsically linked to her identity. She puts Black narratives at the forefront of her practice and looks to oral histories and communities, whilst utilising archives as a tool for re-imagining.

Anisa Nuh-Ali investigates the expectations of Black performativity, specifically focusing on the commodified sporting and entertainment spectacle, as well as culture and rituals. She looks at what makes certain objects “Black” and synonymous with “Blackness” – by exploring the connections and connotations these objects draw.

Nuh-Ali holds a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Art from the University of Central Lancashire. She is currently based in Sheffield, UK.

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