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Please note, the gallery will be very busy during Sheffield DocFest (12 – 17 June). The exhibition will be quieter throughout the extended period, running until 14 July.

You can download a large print version of the general exhibition information here.

Alternate Realities is in Site Gallery’s main gallery space, and Studio I, which are both on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible. All of our toilets are gender-neutral, with their own washbasin, hand dryer and sanitary bin. On the ground floor there are two disabled toilets, one including baby changing facilities. We unfortunately do not currently have a Changing Places toilet facility in our venue.

The route inside the exhibition is lit by low-level lighting and has backed cushioned benching or sofas for seating. Portable fold up stools are also available for those who may need to take a seat during their visit. Assistance dogs are welcome in all areas of our venue.

Main Gallery: Artwork Access Information

Gong: Sounds of Sheffield (Audio, 20 mins)
This artwork is an audio-based piece that begins at 12pm, 3pm and 6pm throughout the festival. There are comfortable areas to sit and listen to the work reverberating in the gallery space.

Nocturnal Fugue (Installation and film, 20 mins)
This artwork includes a Haptic Speaker which enables you to experience the sound within the work through vibrations. When using the VR bat headsets and making noises, visual soundwaves will bounce around and interact in the space.

Remember This Place: 31°20’46’’N 34°46’46’’E (Virtual reality and Installation, 25 mins)
This artwork is a VR piece that also has a sculptural visual representation. It is accompanied by an audio piece that you can listen to whilst sitting in comfortable seating, looking up at the sculpture installation. The VR work has both audio and visual elements but minimal subtitling.

Shadowtime (Virtual reality and film, 20 mins)
This artwork is a camera obscurer that you can explore and interact with inside and outside of the gallery. There are no subtitles available.

The Finger Rub Rug (Installation, 10 mins)
This artwork has some audio, but is primarily a tactile and immersive experience. DocFest staff are on hand to assist you with entering and exploring the room, if required.

Studio I / VR Cinema: Artwork Access Information

Draw For Change: We Exist, We Resist (15 mins)
This artwork is available in English, Spanish, Dutch and French. The work has an audio narration over the top of the visual experience, and can be experienced seated.

Emperor (40 mins)
This artwork is a visual experience with audio prompts and narration throughout, and can be experienced seated.

LETU: Frankie’s Story (15 mins)
This artwork is a visual piece that is narrated in English, with no subtitling. It can be experienced seated.

Murmuration (19 mins)
This artwork is available in French, English and Italian, and does not have subtitling. Is best experienced standing for the full immersive setting, but can also be experienced seated. Some people may experience some motion sickness.

Perinatal Dreaming. Understanding Country (13 mins)
This artwork has a short audio introduction, but is mainly a visual experience with accompanying soundscape. There is no narration after the first minute. It is best experienced seated.

Queer Utopia: Act I Cruising (23 mins)
This artwork is available in Portuguese and English. No subtitles are available. This piece does require some standing and movement.

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