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Adebola Oyekanmi (b. 1998, Brent, England) is an artist, musician, poet (a.k.a seigfried komidashi, sockless adventurer hailing from the Yoruba tribe, working with various mediums to engage in afrofuturist discourse on time, space and nostalgia in a neocolonial information age.

His work primarily focuses on Blackness, processes of Other-ing and existing within liminal spaces where the self becomes recognised as the Other; taking inspiration from his musical and cultural heritage, absurdist and afrofuturist discourses as well as the ancient traditions of mystics and nomads past.

Adebola’s works engage themselves in a constant process of shared learning and unlearning, expressing this philosophy through sonic landscapes rooted in jazz, highlife and rap, as well as experimenting with documentary and science fiction footage to create audio-visual experiences exploring the power of narrative and storytelling in shaping our perceptions of the world.


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