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The Site Gallery team includes

Laura Sillars
Artistic Director

Judith Harry
Executive Director

Sophie Swan
Capital Project Manager

Kirsty Young
Marketing and Development Manager

Paula McCloskey
Participation Manager

Peter Martin
Young People’s Programme Producer

Tony Greenan
Technical and Operations Co-ordinator

Leila Johnston
Digital Curator

Robyn Haddon
Assistant Producer

Callum Berridge
Programme Assistant

Julie Mitchell
Finance Manager

Stacey Martin
Finance Assistant

Sara Cluggish
Associate Curator, USA

Jeannine Griffin
PHD Fellow, Sheffield Hallam University


Ellie Beykzadeh
Ashley Wallis (SHU Intern)
Asma Albatati (SHU intern)
Alexandra Philips (Fine Art Graduate Bursary Scheme and SHU intern)
Mattie Pugh (Fine Art Graduate Bursary Scheme)

Board Members

David Bailey
Jonathan Bairstow
Saul Cozens
Tom Fleming (Chair)
Peter Hawkins
Christina Makris
Clare Lilley
Auriel Majumdar
Ann Pittard
Julie Westerman
Kitty Wright