• Accessibility

    Site Gallery main entrance


Site Gallery is currently closed for expansion. Please check back here for information about accessibility in the new building when we reopen in 2018.

Website Access
To increase the font size of your browser use the following commands.


  1. Hold the ctrl key while scrolling up or down. scrolling up increases the font size, scrolling down decreases the font size.
  2. You can also hold the ctrl key and then hit “+” key for a bigger font size and “-” key for a smaller one.


  1. Hold the command key (apple) on a mac or the alt key on a Windows PC and hit the “+” or “-” key.

Internet Explorer

  1. Go to the “Page” menu, located towards the far right hand side of your browser’s Tab Bar. When the drop-down menu appears, select “Text Size”. Then from the sub-menu that appears select a suitable size.

Access Keys

This website is accessible using the following keys.

  • Ctrl + h = Home
  • Ctrl + 1 = Exhibitions & Events
  • Ctrl + 2 = Education
  • Ctrl + 3 = Information
  • Ctrl + 4 = Corporate Hire
  • Ctrl + 5 = Site Gallery Screen

Site bugs, corrections and feedback
We are currently working on our web sites accessibility and will be providing a text only version and resource for access keys and screen readers . If you have any comments or suggestions please email feedback@sitegallery.org