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Reticent, Ripe, Rotten was an intensive script writing and performance project which saw artist Tom Woolner, in the build up to his Site Residency, working with young people from Sheffield and Rotherham Young Writers to explore the sculptural and performative areas of his current work through generated scripts and related performances.

Following a surreal introductory performance and Show & Tell of his work and practice, Tom introduced the ideas and characters [a set of grotesque inflatable heads] from his latest project – An Evening with Archimboldo. The young writers then split into scriptwriting groups to write monologues, poems, dialogue and narration for their own performances, which they later caught on film.

“I greatly enjoyed working with the local young writer groups. Opening both this project, and my practice as a whole, to a wide variety of processes and approaches to writing has proved an invaluable experience, and one that has informed my current work.” Tom Woolner

“It was amazing. Loved the art, loved the heads and I really wish I was as talented as him.” Daniel Bennett, 15

“I thought I was weird until that day… now I feel terribly inadequate on the weirdness spectrum, but hey ho – how often do you get to speak in a Liverpudlian accent whilst wearing a flowery beanie? Best of times ;).” Katherine Henderson, 17

“It has opened my eyes to a world of weirdness and wonderment! An experience I would recommend to anyone!” Will Banks, 17

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