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The Patricide Reading Group is a series of study sessions that look at the notion of legacy, why we continue to represent our histories and how this can be productive in our present and future. Taking its name from the act of killing one’s father, the group questions patriarchal histories and models.

It runs alongside Re-collections, looking back on forty years of programming in Sheffield to consider its legacy.The readings will take two forms, one group will take texts from outside of academia and look locally at Site’s role in Sheffield.  The second will be more academically focused, looking conceptually and critically at ideas surrounding legacy. Choose which group you’d like to join when you book your place.

Each group will have four sessions looking at separate areas of theory associated with heritage of legacy with the idea that people can join in with just one of more dependent on their interest. Both groups will include one session touring the exhibition to consider the artworks included and curatorial decisions. At the start of the series Nicola and our Curator Angelica Sule will introduce the series at an In Conversation event on 21 February.

There are 15 spaces in each group. Please email to register your interest.

Group 1

Group 2

The Patricide Reading Group is run by Nicola Guy, a researcher and curator based in Nottingham. She is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Hull where she is undertaking research into representations of Berlin’s history of radical spatial politics in contemporary art exhibitions. Patricide is a project initiated by Jos Bitelli and Nicola Guy in 2017 and comprises research, publications and events. Patricide Issue 1- The End of a 60-Year-Old Mistake was published by Nottingham Contemporary in 2018.

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