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We’ve published a new short film! The film was co-produced with the Society of Explorers, and made for our reopening in September 2018, following a major gallery expansion project:

Site Gallery’s Society of Explorers is a collective of young people aged 14 – 19, who meet regularly in the gallery to collaborate, discuss and create. In the film the Society of Explorers discuss their projects and how being involved in the group has impacted their lives.

They work with artists and the gallery team to get involved in the artistic programme and to develop projects, events and ideas.

“Site Gallery always puts together an exciting and enviable programme of activities for young people – and its Society of Explorers is one gang we’d love to be in, if only we could do our teenage years all over again.” Our Favourite Places.

Site Gallery’s Society of Explorers is funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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