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Site Gallery is offering an exciting introductory course specifically for young artists intrigued by the ideas and processes of stop-motion animation. Each day on this course will teach you a different method – take your pick from the list below, or come along for the full week and receive a special Young Animator’s Certificate at the end.
10 – 14 years old
Wednesday – Saturday, 25 – 28 July 2012
Daily 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
£18 per day or £60 for all 4 days
Limited to 12 participants
Bring lunch with you, or food is available to purchase in Site Canteen
Wednesday: Photographic Animation
Working within a team, you will take turns in the role of director, and transform your digital photographs into a short film.
Thursday: Flipbook Fun
Keen drawing fans will love this: explore the magical animation of flipbooks. We will talk you through the whole process, from storyboarding to crafting your own flipbook.
Friday: Cut Paper Animation
Create your own characters to embark upon a wild adventure. You can even work with other participants to think up a bigger idea and take home a finished DVD to share with your friends.
Saturday: Odds ‘n’ Ends and Plasticine
With an array of objects and plasticine at your disposal, you will build your own person, animal or fantasy character to animate. If you have anything from home — an unused cup or an old toy — please bring ideas and things with you!

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