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Using as a starting point, the work of Berlin based artist, Nicolas Moulin [through his first solo exhibition at Site Gallery – Blanklümdermilq, June 12th – 1st August 2009], students from Doncaster and Hatfield Colleges, took part in short photography projects exploring form and function in Brutalist style architecture.

Moulin undertook a three-month arts residency at the University of Sheffield prior to his Site Gallery exhibition, which included sculptural installation, film and photographic composites.  During his residency he became preoccupied with the architectural landscapes of Sheffield and its neighbouring Northern cities and was particularly drawn to its Brutalist structures. Read Moulin’s residency blog and see some of his work at

Hatfield students took inspiration from Sheffield City Centre and Doncaster students focused on Sheffield’s most well known Brutalist structure, Park Hill housing estate.

“Every time I came to Sheffield I saw them [Park Hill flats] and I never
thought about
them and now I think, wow, they have so much history”.
Participant, Doncaster College

June – July 2009
Participants: Students from Hatfield Visual Arts College and Doncaster College

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