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To launch our programme of events for our 30th year, Site has pleasure in inviting you to a special live event.

Bigger Picture National Commissions

Susan Pui San Lok
DIY Ballroom Live
Dress up, show up and make the world your ballroom. A live participatory event, inviting audiences to take to the floor.

Juneau Projects
Play Live
During the autumn 2007 Juneau Projects worked with a group of young people in Sheffield to create an animation and musical soundtrack. Presented as a live performance.

Followed by screening of all the commissions:

Perry Bard and Susan Pui San Lok’s work rely on audience participation to create and complete their works. Bard invites people across the globe to contibute to an ambitious attempt to recreate all 67 minutes of Vertov’s classic 1929 film, Man with a Movie Camera. Lok invites audiences closer to home to take part in a flash mob-style ballroom event in DIY Ballroom Live. Esther Johnson’s Celestial makes use of exquisite meteorological images, inspiring us to look at the drama taking place in the sky above, while Juneau Projects, (Philip Duckworth and Ben Sadler) work, Honourable Ordinaries, produced in Sheffield with a group of young people, creates personalised banners, songs and animations.

The new commissions will play 24 hours a day on the temporary screen from 19 – 21 March.

Commissioned and produced by Cornerhouse, The Bigger Picture; Enter_; Lumen; Site Gallery in association with the BBC. Arts Council England Lottery funded.

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