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As part of the gallery’s Platform residency programme of work-in-progress exhibitions, Rory Pilgrim is setting up an arena for the sharing of cultural memories and creative ideas between generations.” The Guardian Guide

As our relationships with language, technology and each other develop, what potential do words now have? Artist and activist Rory Pilgrim considers the radical potential of language and intergenerational dialogue by bringing together a council of local elders for his Platform residency to discuss progress from a generational perspective and the wisdom of age as a radical proposition. Steadily optimistic, Rory’s work has tackled subjects such as social pacifism, revolution, youth powerlessness and homophobic violence.

Over the course of four weeks, the galleries will become a place where people come to speak about social, spiritual and revolutionary change, as well as an open studio where new artwork is produced. In an age increasingly dominated by virtual experience, Rory is fascinated by the importance of physically coming together.

The elders’ conversations will be captured in the form of musical performances, poetry, song and posters that gradually fill the main gallery space.  Pilgrim will collaborate with David Andrews, a poster maker from Sheffield who he has worked closely with since a chance encounter brought them together five years ago. Meticulously painted by hand, Andrew’s posters have been seen throughout the city since the 1970s.
Follow Rory’s progress on the Platform Residency blog

Rory Pilgrim is seeking participants who are over 60 years of age to take part in his Platform project. Download a pdf for this opportunity

About the artist:
Rory Pilgrim’s work explores questions of time and connections between activism, spirituality, music and performance. He was born in 1988 in Bristol and graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2008. From 2008-2010 he was a participant of the De Ateliers residency programme Amsterdam. Recent solo exhibitions include sic! Raum für Kunst, Luzern (2014) and Rongwrong, Amsterdam (2014) and performances in Kunst Werk, Berlin (2013), Rowing Project, London (2013) Fare, Milan (2012) and Arco, Mardrid (2012). In 2012, Pilgrim was commissioned to create a large scale performance to commemorate the reopening of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.

Event highlights:
Brunch with the Artist: Saturday 7 March, 11am
Rory will introduce his Platform project at the end of his first week in residence at Site Gallery. A chance to meet the artist and join in a discussion of his evolving project.
Eventbrite - Artist Brunch: Rory Pilgrim
Artist lecture: Tuesday 10 Mar, 4.30 – 6 pm
Part of the Transmission artist lecture series at Sheffield Hallam University, Pennine Theatre.
No booking necessary.
Drinks to follow: 6 – 7.30pm at Site Gallery.
Eventbrite - Drinks with Rory Pilgrim
Closing Performance: Saturday 28 March 2015, 1pm
In the second half of his residency Rory will work with local performers to create rhythmic, melodic performances drawing on conversations generated by the council of elders. Join the artist for the final performance on the last day of his residency project.
Eventbrite - Closing Performance: Rory Pilgrim
This project was selected for Creative Tourist’s Cultural Calendar 2015 
Site Gallery gratefully acknowledges the support of the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, funder of Platform 2013 – 2016, and the University of Sheffield, supporter of Rory Pilgrim’s Platform residency through the ‘Imagine Better Futures’ programme.
Find out more about Rory’s preparation for his residency as he talks about his plans with Site Gallery’s Artistic Director, Laura Sillars:


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