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The works included in Nostalgic Whiplash are variously concerning memory, loss, displacement in time and space, and revisiting or remaking the past to slingshot us to the future.

Some works are homages to – or remakes – of previous works, some look back to the past with exuberance, some with melancholia, some project alternate, otherworldly landscapes and utopias.

The screening programme will be presented in Studio I during gallery opening hours.

Curated by Jeanine Griffin.


Image: Breda Beban Lets Call It Love (2000), video still.  Courtesy of the Estate of the artist and Kalfayan Galleries, Athens – Thessaloniki.


Breda Beban Let’s Call it Love, 2000

Haris Epaminonda, Chronicles I,   2010

Katya Davar Forking Ocean Path, 2006

Haris Epaminonda, Chronicles III,  2010

Hondartza Fraga Mars was a Place, 2011    

Haris Epaminonda, Chronicles IV, 2010

AK Dolven, Portrait with Cigarette, 2000

Haris Epaminonda, Chronicles V,  2010,

Sonya Dyer, Paul Robeson Strasse, 2010

Johanna Billing Project for a Revolution, 2000

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