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What people are saying about E-Vapor-8:
“…digitally infused reflections on neo-psych that are as seductively in your face as they are brazenly off their bonce.” Guardian Guide 

Broad and brilliantly edited mixed gallery show of art inspired by or referencing the acid house phenomenon.” Grazia

“Perhaps rave is dead. But if this exhibition is anything to go by, long live rave.” Art Monthly

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About the exhibition:
E-Vapor-8 is a group exhibition, curated by writer, editor and curator Francesca Gavin, looking at the influence and relationship between contemporary art and rave music from the early 1990s. It traces a fascination with rave culture and happy hardcore by young British and American artists, many of whom are absorbing and re-appropriating a cultural moment they were too young to participate in.

The exhibition, named after a 1992 single by the band Altern 8, touches on how the hedonism and cultural upheaval of rave has passed. Ideas around intellectual and physical freedom, rebellion and myth-making are all at play.

Participating artists are: Fatima Al Qadiri and Sophia Al-Maria, Harry Burden, Rhys Coren, Petra Cortright, Jeremy Deller, Adham Faramawy, Alexandra Gorczynski, Marisa Olson, Hannah Perry, Christian J. Petersen, Travess Smalley, Lucy Stokton, and Daniel Swan.

Thank you to all the artists and guests who joined us for the preview,  the after-party at 99 Mary Street and all the opening weekend events. For forthcoming events, please take a look at the links on the right.

During the summer the gallery was open until 8pm on the last Friday of June, July and August.

Photographs of the E-Vapor-8 exhibition at Site Gallery:
E-Vapor-8, Site Gallery (7 June - 16 August 2014)
Watch the curator Francesca Gavin delivering a tour of the exhibition:

Photographs of the exhibition:
E-Vapor-8, Site Gallery (7 June - 16 August 2014)


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