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Preview: Friday 20 April 5.30 pm – 8 pm

Bill Drummond invites us to explore Sheffield through sound. He has created a walk across the city, during which a set of scores posted in various locations can be discovered.  As the wild flower Ragworts grows through the cracks in the paving, the scores, which read as poems, are presented as short-lived one off works, which after a few days become scruffy and worn.

The walks start from Site Gallery where the scores are exhibited in their entirety. Look out for the scores being posted in and around Sheffield prior the exhibition opening.

On Saturday 21 April Bill Drummond wil be giving a walking and talking lecture (Please note; tickets are now sold out). The Walk & Talk starts at Site Gallery and tickets include a mug of tea or coffee at Norfolk Bridge Diner.

Bill Drummond’s Ragworts has been commissioned by Sensoria Festival in collaboration with Site Gallery.

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