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This workshop is designed to make space for healing and mindfulness through the practice of craft. We aim to create a social space over Zoom where participants can share stories and reflect on the past year while collectively making. You will also learn more about Gbewonyo’s work and the historical importance of weaving.

We are asking participants to find an old picture frame that they can use to make their artwork with. If you don’t have access to a frame, you can collect one from Site Gallery in advance of the session. We will also be posting out recycled yarn to participants that we will be using in the session although you are welcome to reuse any yarn you already own.

To increase the potential for group conversation between participants we are limiting the session to 10 places.

If you want to take part but don’t have access to a laptop and/or headphones please get in touch and we can provide these for the duration of the project to those in the Sheffield region. This workshop is aimed at audiences aged 10+. Intergenerational collaboration between your household is encouraged. The session will have auto captions provided by and we will also have a member of staff offering additional facilitation and support over the chat function within zoom.

Photo credit: Jennifer Moyes Photography, Image courtesy of Enam Gbewonyo’s former agents MTArt Agency


Enam Gbewonyo  is a textile and performance artist whose work explores identity, womanhood, and humanity as well as promoting the healing benefits of craft.

Enam also works as a curator as well as the founder of the Black British Female Artist (BBFA) Collective. The Collective serves as a platform to support emerging black women artists build sustainable careers whilst working to advocate for more inclusivity in the British arts landscape.

This session was programmed by the Society of Explorers  (Site Gallery’s collective of 14-18 year olds) from responses to our open call. The Explorer’s selected Enam’s work because they felt her workshop created a space where participants could learn a new skill that also encouraged mindfulness.

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