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The Conference by Harriet Middleton Baker, brings together four performers acting as delegates at an annual summit. The delegates perform a duet centred around a keynote-style presentation and accompanied by a live cellist. This will be followed by dynamic DJ and musical performances from Sheffield collective Gut Level.

The performance will occur twice over two sessions first at 6pm then repeated at 7.30pm. Booking is essential – tickets are £5 full price, or free if the cost is a barrier in any way.

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The Conference
Harriet Middleton Baker

Harriet Middleton Baker’s work looks at the dynamics of leadership and control that are played out in performative displays of global power. In The Conference, the artist brings together four performers acting as delegates at an annual summit. A keynote speaker reads an opening address, while two of the delegates perform a duet concerned with leadership, surrender, emotion and connection scored by a final delegate on the cello.

The work is choreographed and performed by Lydia Buckler and Madison Capel-Bird, with actress and singer Siân Roseanna and cello by Gamaliel Rendle Traynor. The Conference formed part of the Live Art Commissions presented by the Roberts Institute of Art in London in March 2022. These commissions were developed in response to successive lockdowns as a way to support artists working with performance and live art. RIA prioritised support for artists working in this field at a time when so many other projects, fees and residencies had been cancelled or postponed. Co-presenting at Site Gallery forms part of RIA’s mission to make performance more sustainable by presenting works more than once and to different audiences across the UK.

The Conference is commissioned by the Roberts Institute of Art as part of its Live Art Commissions and co-presented by the Roberts Institute of Art and Site Gallery.

Gut Level DJs

Primarily based around club events and workshops, Gut Level’s activity gives a platform to individuals who are underrepresented in the music industry, namely queer/LGBTQ+, women and non-binary people. The space was founded in response to the lack of financially accessible, queer friendly, late night venues in Sheffield. They believe in keeping things affordable, championing local talent and grassroots promoters.

Featured image: Harriet Middleton Baker, The Conference, 2022. Commissioned by the Roberts Institute of Art for Live Art Commissions. Courtesy the artist. Photo: Anne Tetzlaff.

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