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Want to launch a project on Kickstarter, but not sure where to start?

Join Gemma Seltzer from Kickstarter PBC, our Artistic Director Sharna Jackson – and a selection of artists from Sheffield who’ve made it happen – for an evening of advice, support and complementary drinks.

Kickstarter has seen Sheffield creatives fund ambitious, innovative, and imaginative films, albums, books and more using Kickstarter.

Expect a vibrant evening, including a short presentation about Kickstarter PBC and the ways it helps artists bring creative projects to life, plus the opportunity to meet, talk and share ideas with fellow artists.

Kickstarter is where creative projects come to life — everything from films, games, and music to art, design, and technology. Since its launch in 2009, 15 million people have pledged $4 billion on Kickstarter, funding more than 156,000 projects. Kickstarter is a Public Benefit Company committed to supporting creative communities, fighting inequality, protecting our environment, and championing arts and culture.

Supported by City of Ideas.

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