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Do you want to develop your creative photography skills using a DSLR or manual camera?

Part 1: Saturday 28 November: 12 – 2pm

Part 2: Saturday 5 December: 12 – 1pm

Suitable for anyone aged 12 and over these workshops are designed for family members to work together or for participants who wish to take part by themselves.

In the first session you will develop an understanding of aperture and shutter speed and how these techniques can be applied to achieve different results and tell different stories. Working as a collective we’ll establish a creative brief and in between sessions create images inspired by our agreed themes.

Our second session will be focussed on sharing. We will discuss the images we have taken in the previous week, discuss creative challenges, look for hidden stories and share our opinions on each other’s work. Highlights from the workshops will be posted on Site Gallery’s social media channels.

This workshop is designed for users who own DSLR cameras or cameras that have full manual modes. If you want to take part but don’t have access to this equipment, please get in touch as we have a limited number of cameras we can provide for the duration of the project.

The workshop will take place over zoom and participants will be emailed a link after they have booked their tickets. Live transcription will be available.

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