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The tour will depart from the theories of dancer, choreographer and teacher Rudolf von Laban, as captured in his educational models which feature in the exhibition.

He will also focus on other 20th century dance theorists who had very different ideas of how to understand movement and its expressive value.

Colin is an interdisciplinary specialist in the psychology of aesthetics and an honorary research fellow in the Philosophy Department of the University of Sheffield and co-director of the University’s Centre for Nordic Studies.

His research has included periods of study at the Institute of Choreology and the Stepanov Collection of Sergeev dance notations at Harvard University.

His PhD, awarded by Sheffield University in 1982, was on the creative process and its relationship to social, economic and political pressures on the creative artist; it examined works in the fields of music, literature, art, architecture, ballet and psychology in the period 1880-1914.


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