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The Anti-Valentines Listening Party is an opportunity for people to come together and share sounds, songs and recordings that resonate with them personally. The theme for the session is non-romantic human connections. 

Participants will be asked to bring along a piece of audio (a field recording, a song, a poem) for collective listening. Afterward, participants will have the opportunity to share their relationship with that recording with the group. 

The session will take place over zoom and we will initially use our webcams to introduce ourselves but for the main body of the session we will be audio only to focus all of our attention on deep listening.

This will be an intimate session and will be limited to ten places. Participants will be asked to submit their sounds ahead of the session. If you want to take part but don’t have access to a laptop and/or headphones please get in touch and we can provide for the duration of the project. This workshop is aimed at audiences aged 12+. Intergenerational collaboration between your household is encouraged.

About the Artists

FLAW Collective aims to provide a space for marginalised genders to share skills, collaborate and support each other. FLAW Collective is a sister group of Gut Level. Gut Level is primarily based around workshops and events, our activity focuses on giving a platform to individuals who are underrepresented in the music industry, namely queer/LGBTQ+,  women and non-binary people.

This session will be led by Elle Stocks and Katie Matthews.


Image credit: Leah Scorah

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